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Let’s get personal. I mean as personal as Minnesotans get right? Then let’s go right back to talking about the weather, how the Vikings are going to blow it this time and how much fish we caught last weekend.

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Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team based in St. Paul. We’re Minnesota nice, website gurus who love helping businesses succeed in this little game we call “the internet”. Our goal is to bring the same genuineness and common courtesy to the web that you’d expect at your local grocery store because we know how rare that is to find online.

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Andrew hohncke

Why so serious? 😂

Andrew has been nerding out on computers ever since he built his own in 2006. He started developing and designing websites as well as managing online marketing campaigns for local businesses in 2010 to help pay for his two degrees, International Business and Entrepreneurial Management, from the Carlson School of Management.

Andrew took a brief sabbatical from creating websites upon graduating from business school to work for an app startup and as a freight broker for 2 years but realized his true passion was in making awesome websites for people.

He started North Werks as a platform to share this passion. He also loves Minnesota, golf and his wife (but not necessarily in that order).

“The internet can be such an annoying and fake place. Sometimes people just want to know they’re dealing with a real person on the other side of  that Wifi connection.”

Taylor hohncke

Taylor is the creative genius counter-balance to Andrew’s nerdy analytical mind. She grew up as a test student for her father’s illustrator and multimedia design high school classes that she would later master. This continued in college where she took design classes and studied Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

It turns out that Taylor’s great design skills are exactly what great web development needs. Her keen eye for font types, layout specs, and user experience is pivotal in creating our websites. Her skills at editing photos, creating logos and graphics as well as writing powerful copy all play a very important role in our overall design process. She also loves Minnesota, baking and spending time at a lake, any lake really.

We judge books by their covers, dine at any place with a patio and love helping businesses improve their online presence.

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